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Yurushi Japanese Restaurant: The cheapest and most delicious Katsudon in town

Katsudon is my favorite Japanese rice dish. And Yurushi, is the one restaurant that has the tastiest Katsudon ever! I've tried around 5 or 6 other Katsudon from other restaurants, Japanese and not. But nothing is ever comparable to the one that Yurushi has. 

Yurushi is actually a sort of Eatery right at Uyanguren Street. It's a pretty simple place. It has got airconditioning upstairs. You wouldn't like the bathroom very much but you most certainly WILL love the Katsudon. Lol! Their Gyudon is pretty good too. But you'd go there for the....yes...Katsudon which costs only...wait for it...around 60Php. No, you're not blind and you read it right..it's only for 60Php. :)

Yurushi's Katsudon

Yurushi's Katsudon


Yurushi is at Uyanguren Street, Davao City right across the Sta. Ana Elementary School.

Tata Benito's A Whole Latte Love Coffee Shop

Goldilocks Black Forest

For my 22nd birthday, my bestfriends treated me to an all you can eat resto and bought me this sumptuous Black Forest cake from Goldilocks.

Much thanks to my two beautiful friends! :*