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Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken at SM Davao Annex

peri-peri charcoal chicken sm annex
I dropped by the recently-opened SM Annex primarily to scout for new places to eat. One of the new restaurants you can find there is Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken.

What I find most interesting about Peri-Peri is their unique 49-peso 'Soup and Beverage all you want' deal. They usually serve mushroom and chicken soup in this bar plus a variation of drinks of soda, juices, etc. Most other restaurants would serve drinks alone that cost nearly as much as this price..while Peri-Peri gives the liberty of drinks and soup all you want for that incredibly affordable value.

I also love that Peri-Peri meal deals are very much worth the price both in quantity and quality. I tried out their pasta and chicken meal. And for 210Php I could hardly finish the entire plate of 1/4 chicken, caesar salad, and alfredo pasta. Somehow, for these kinds of meal deals, I've gotten used to other restaurants around the city that serve a little bit of the different dishes. But Peri-Peri doesn't do that...they serve the salad and the pasta as though they were separate orders put together in one huge oblong plate.

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken: Alfredo pasta, 1/4 chicken, Caesar Salad

Homemade Caesar Salad

I have these occasional "spells" during which I don't really feel like eating rice. These thing happens very rarely. Earlier this morning was one of those times.

For some reason, I was craving for Caesar salad. It was good enough that I had a bottle of Lady's Choice classic caesar dressing stocked in the fridge along with other essential ingredients, lettuce, tomato, cheese. I thought of toasting bread too but was just hungry enough to not opt to wait and so I reheated leftover fries instead.

So after about 15 minutes of preparation, here's my version of homemade caesar salad:

homemade caesar salad