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La Pizzeria Nel Tralizzio: Home to My Fave Meatlovers Pizza

On this blog's banner, you'd find a pizza. This might just give you the idea that I am a huge fan of it. And YES, more than anything, I am a pizza lover! When I was a kid, my favorite food from the school canteen was, well, for the lack of a better term, the pizza. As I've grown to be an adolescent, more restaurants have opened in Davao and, to my utmost delight, many of them served..wait for it...pizza! And even up to now, you could still bring me to a pizza buffet (if there is any), and I shall not get enough of it. It's my ultimate comfort food. Sometimes, it wouldn't even matter what place you'd take me to, or what kind of pizza they'd serve. I'd take even the simplest type of pizza any day.

  the front counter at La Pizzeria with the brick oven right at the center

La Pizzeria Nel Tralizzio in broad daylight

There is, however, one place that gives me what I like to call pizza nirvana. It's called La Pizzeria Nel Tralizzio, a pizza and pasta house situated right in between Bistro Rosario restaurant and Cups and Lowercase coffee shop at Torres St., Davao City. La Pizzeria's Meatlovers Pizza is simply the most awesome I have ever tasted. Believe it or not, I usually eat half of this entire 15-inch goody all by myself.

 La Pizzeria's Meatlovers Delight Pizza with extra Mozzarella Cheese

Coco's Grill - One of Davao's Top Food Destinations

Dining at Coco's Grill is always a fulfilling experience. I've dined there a number of times and I haven't tasted anything that I didn't like. The pasta, the pizza, the grilled delights (the ribs), the desserts, everything is really good. The ambiance of the place will make you wanna stay longer too. It doesn't matter if you're with family, friends, co-workers, or a special someone...Coco's will give you the dining experience you always wish to have. Yes, there may be a couple of grumpy waitresses you would encounter and the bathroom isn't that grand, but hey...it doesn't necessarily spoil the great dining experience..haha! I just kinda had to get that in. Lol!

Coco's dining area @ pre-dinner time

Sankai Japanese Restaurant: Japan's fine cuisine right at the heart of Davao

My friend has been telling me how good the food from Sankai is in ages. Sankai is an authentic Japanese Restaurant located in downtown Davao. I didn't get the chance to visit the place until recently. And yes! The food is awesome! Their California Maki, in particular, is my favorite. Among all the Maki's from a couple of restaurants I've tried, they have got the best. Bigger in size. More tender. Tastier. And the mayo...just..yum!

More of Sankai Japanese Restaurant after the jump...

Pepper and Peppers: Home to my fave Beef Salpicao

I love discovering Filipino dishes being served in Davao restaurants. Most of my newly discovered Pinoy specialties usually become my favorite. Like the Beef Salpicao, which was one of the dishes served during a food tasting event at Pepper and Peppers that I was invited to a couple of months back.

Beef Salpicao, Pepper and Peppers

The Beef Salpicao is actually beef tenderloin that are cut into cubes and marinated in oyster or Worcestershire sauce, then stir-fried with lots of garlic in it. Well, I don't exactly know the exact details of how it can be cooked to achieve that incredibly tender and Pinoy flavor to it. But Pepper and Peppers Manager/Chef Chique Aportadera sure as heck does! It became an instant favorite.