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Krispy Kreme Donuts: Davao Outlets

More than a month has passed since Abreeza has opened and there still aren't any signs of a Krispy Kreme branch opening in it.

However, I found a couple of Krispy Kreme mini outlets on certain areas in Davao. The ones who want them badly can at least satisfy their cravings temporarily. Here's where you can get Krispy Kreme in Davao:

My G Café experience: the first of many

Whenever I get inside a coffee shop, there's a couple of things I first look for -  an Internet connection, available charging outlets, a couch. Surprisingly, coffee and food isn't necessarily on that list. This is because I don't just eat and drink but I more importantly try to be as productive as I can be while I'm in there. Plus I also just assume that the food is good in semi-expensive establishments such as coffee shops so..

G Cafe counter

Just recently, I found yet another coffee shop in Davao that suits this very qualification - G Cafe, A coffee shop found in Quimpo Blvd. which, I think, has been open for quite some time now.

Red Kimono at Abreeza

This is the first time, and probably not the last, that I'd be writing about a resto and not post photos of the food I ate. My excuse? We had to struggle with parking for about 30 minutes. It had been over 7 hours since my last meal and, as you now would be able to guess, I was so so so hungry that picking up chopsticks instead of spoon and fork was all I could do to prevent myself from engaging in a total pig out.

So, Red Kimono, yes...here are some borrowed shots from their Facebook Page..

 inside Red Kimono (we were seated at the far left area while we dined there)

Home Made Pasta - White Puttanesca

My apartment mate loves to cook. And I can't tell you enough how much compatibility we have considering that I very much love to eat. LOL! A few weeks ago, she found the urge to pick up her magic wand, that is, her cooking spoon, and I thought to myself...yeah..pasta time!

She has an incredibly large pasta cookbook stored in her mind that I didn't quite know what kind would be served this time. She cooked two types of pasta, one red, the other white. While the red one was being prepared, we were verbally daydreaming about other kinds of pasta that could possibly be made and she came to the point where she talked about how anchovies would go really well as an ingredient. I remembered we had anchovies in the fridge and her magic wand simply cast a spell on the other half of the pasta noodles and created what I would like to call - white puttanesca pasta. The lady with the magic spoon didn't actually give it that name, but I went to an Italian restaurant last week and found, on their menu, that puttanesca had similar base ingredients. Olive oil, anchovies, capers, pasta = heaven!

The taste of all these ingredients combined together made the incredibly pale pasta the tastiest I've ever had. Don't judge the pasta by its color, as many would usually do. Thanks to the lady with the magic spoon, now I'm obsessed with any pasta that has capers and anchovies! :)

Get her recipe of 'white puttanesca' from her blog post on Pasta ala Capers and Anchovies from here.

Wanna cook this dish? Here's how to make White Puttanesca from my cooking blog. 

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe: Not Your Ordinary Burger

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe. I first heard of this burger house in Juan Luna Street of Davao City from a friend of mine. I was told that they serve the best burger in the city and that it costs less than a hundred pesos. When it comes to food, I don't take anyone's word for anything. I go to the place and see for myself...and that's what I did exactly with Harley Blvd.

I came in there with high expectations and was totally surprised that my friend wasn't kidding about the less-than-a-hundred price. The American owner, who also was the chief cook, welcomed us to the place. He explained that the burgers would take about 20 minutes to cook because he doesn't pre-cook them beforehand. After a little chitchat, we placed our orders and a few minutes later were served with this...and were silent for the next 15 minutes for a couple of reasons..

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe burgers

Green Coffee: Comfy In and Out

With a coffee shop situated at almost every corner and mall in Davao, one could easily say that this city is in the coffee-shop era. It's not even about the coffee anymore. The things that people do in these cozy shops range from having meetings, dining, socializing, studying(or at least attempting to), launching products, or simply hanging out with friends or a loved one. It just is the place to be nowadays, or so it seems.

The competition is tough for this kind of venture as Davao is filled with coffee shops. It has even become tougher as one prominent brand has had its franchised branch open at the city's newest mall. A recently opened coffee shop in Torres named Green Coffee seems to understand this competition very much as they have built their place like no one else has in town - they air-conditioned both the in and outside of their place keeping 'coffee lovers' comfortable no matter where in the place they're seated.

inside Green Coffee

What I love about coffee shops is being able to have that feel of being away from home yet at the same time being able to bring 'home' with me. I'm not sure if that made any sense at all. Lol! I just love coffee shops that give me that homey feeling even when I know I'm not at my own home. That's what Green Coffee gives me. Good food. Very nice place.