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Kangaroo Coffee Company: Not your ordinary coffee shop

Kangaroo Coffee Company. You've read the title right, this isn't your ordinary coffee shop. And no it's not because it has got the word Company in its name instead of Shop. But because of a couple of things that is Kangaroo signature. 

Cheesy Penne Pasta

First, a couple of  beautifully secluded seating for groups of 4-6 that makes your coffee with the barkadas experience more delightful than usual. Those sections are ideal for cozy meetings too. 

Another Kangaroo signature is...*drumroll please* - the comfort room. Gotcha there?! Lol! Call me crazy, but for me, comfort rooms of food establishments matter a great deal! And Kangaroo's is the best one in the city, I must say. They would tempt you to stay in there for a while and devour in the cozy interior and in the books that are available for reading when you would gladly need it. Lol! 

Coffee shops in Davao usually don't only sell good coffees. They also have a variety of appetizers, main and side dishes, and snacks on their menu. This brings me to another reason why I love Kangaroo - their Cheesy Penne Pasta. I must say it's incredibly savory. For me it's a pasta with the taste that is a combination of Italian, American, and Filipino. Why? The herbs in it are mostly Italian. The cheesy taste, I would call American, and its subtle sweetness, I would call Pinoy. I don't know what got into my head but for me that's how it tasted. I miss this dish too! Among the very few times that I've been to Kangaroo lately, they're usually out of it! There better be one next time...or else.....I'll be sorry again. hehe.

Oh, well...that's all for the not-so-ordinary-coffee-shop Kangaroo! Later, guys!