ez.yummy: The Art and Fun of Food Trips!

ND-HRM Exhibit at UIC

Among the courses offered by the The University of the Immaculate Conception are Nutrition and Dietetics and Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM). These two courses are the most delicious of all. Lol! Simply because they hold annual food events and exhibits that either let people sample their food or be in a fine-dining event with a full out buffet from various cuisines. See how delicious this course is? :)

The photos you're seeing below are a part of one of their annual exhibits. These are created by students. It was a shame that the spectators weren't allowed to sample these mouth-watering treats. They were all for the eyes only. Nevertheless, they were yummy foods for the eyes! Kudos to the ND-HRM students of UIC who participated in this event.