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Grub Resto Cafe: Southern Fried Chicken at its best

During my previous visits to Grub Resto Cafe, I would order their Cheese Loaf and the Grub Spaghetti and Meatballs. Whenever I'm right on time for their Pastabilities, I would take on the buffet as well. This time, however, I got to try one of the latest addition to their menu, the Southern Fried Chicken. 

Grub's Southern Fried Chicken

You would not believe how crunchy and tasty this fried chicken is! And when I say tasty, I mean tasty right down to the bones!
This is served with chips and coleslaw but you could easily forget the two after you have your first bite of the chicken. It is of a big serving, too! And for a hundred and eighty pesos, it's an awesome deal!

You'd have taken a look at the first photo and I didn't need to talk anymore. ;)