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Rego's Pasta Express

Just when you think you've had enough pasta, you happen to pass by Rego's Pasta Express...and you think again. Rego's offers a variety of delactable pasta choices as well as rice meals and snacks at very reasonable prices. What you're seeing below is one of their pasta choices and Glazed Chicken Lollipops. 

You would wanna order immediately after being greeted not only by their accommodating staff but also of the mouth-watering aroma of pasta being prepared in their express cooking area situated right at the entrance. As their name would stand for, the pasta gets cooked quickly. The other dishes take a little bit longer than the latter though. But quickly cooked or not, all the food we've tasted we're really good. Check out the pictures and you'll see what I mean.

A-Rego's-pasta-dish-whose-name-i-forgot and Glazed Chicken Lollipops

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Glazed Chicken Lollipops and fries

Rego's Pasta express is at Arellano Street, Davao City. That's right at the back of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. They're open from Mondays through Saturdays starting at 10 in the morning 'til 9 in the evening (Mon-Thurs) or 'til 10 in the evening (Fri-Sat).