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Coco's Grill - One of Davao's Top Food Destinations

Dining at Coco's Grill is always a fulfilling experience. I've dined there a number of times and I haven't tasted anything that I didn't like. The pasta, the pizza, the grilled delights (the ribs), the desserts, everything is really good. The ambiance of the place will make you wanna stay longer too. It doesn't matter if you're with family, friends, co-workers, or a special someone...Coco's will give you the dining experience you always wish to have. Yes, there may be a couple of grumpy waitresses you would encounter and the bathroom isn't that grand, but hey...it doesn't necessarily spoil the great dining experience..haha! I just kinda had to get that in. Lol!

Coco's dining area @ pre-dinner time

Anyway, Coco's is located at Torres Street, Davao City's central dining and partying street. Even as it is surrounded by a number of other restaurants, the place usually still is packed. I guess the shots of the food, which you'll be seeing below would explain why.


one of Coco's pizzas

Coco's Cajun Chicken pasta

Coco's ribs...THE Coco's ribs

Coco's roof top

My other Coco's favorite, which I didn't get the chance to take a picture of, is their Basil Pasta. Prior to getting a chance of sampling that, Cajun used to be my favorite. 

Their desserts are pretty good, too. Have a look below.

apple pie ala mode

the other dessert...haha..forgot the name..prolly chocolate something cake

So there you have it. Coco's Grill really is one of the best dining places to be in. Aside from their Torres branch, they also have another one in the Victoria Plaza compound.