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Sankai Japanese Restaurant: Japan's fine cuisine right at the heart of Davao

My friend has been telling me how good the food from Sankai is in ages. Sankai is an authentic Japanese Restaurant located in downtown Davao. I didn't get the chance to visit the place until recently. And yes! The food is awesome! Their California Maki, in particular, is my favorite. Among all the Maki's from a couple of restaurants I've tried, they have got the best. Bigger in size. More tender. Tastier. And the mayo...just..yum!

More of Sankai Japanese Restaurant after the jump...

I was also able to try their seafood ramen. The taste was something new for me. Most of the Ramen that I've tried before seemed salty. This one isn't. It had eggs, shrimp, squid (if I'm not mistaken), and some other seafoods that I didn't recognize(lol).

I also wasn't able to resist ordering one of my favorite Japanese dishes, the Yakisoba. This one isn't like any other I've had before, too. Well, to be honest I've only tried three Yakisoba preparations...this being the second! And the third being the instant Yakisoba that they sell in supermarkets so I don't think that really counts. And that would be 2 Yakisoba trials for me. :P But this one was was kind of unique. Sankai added some sort of thin thingies that I didn't recognize. Haha! Pardon me, I'm one of those food trippers who sometimes do not care what's on her dish as long as it tastes yummy. So anyways...this one's good, but it isn't my favorite Yakisoba...the other one is(more on that later).

You could find Sankai at Corner Arellano Street, Davao City. It's just across Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Not sure what their operating hours are but two things I know...one - they close up at around 2pm right after all customers have their lunch then resume at around 5pm, I think, for dinner...and two - they're open on Sundays. That would be a great place to bring the family for lunch. :) I'll update the business hours area of this post when I can get more info. 'Til the next post! Sayonara!


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