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Pepper and Peppers: Home to my fave Beef Salpicao

I love discovering Filipino dishes being served in Davao restaurants. Most of my newly discovered Pinoy specialties usually become my favorite. Like the Beef Salpicao, which was one of the dishes served during a food tasting event at Pepper and Peppers that I was invited to a couple of months back.

Beef Salpicao, Pepper and Peppers

The Beef Salpicao is actually beef tenderloin that are cut into cubes and marinated in oyster or Worcestershire sauce, then stir-fried with lots of garlic in it. Well, I don't exactly know the exact details of how it can be cooked to achieve that incredibly tender and Pinoy flavor to it. But Pepper and Peppers Manager/Chef Chique Aportadera sure as heck does! It became an instant favorite.

Not only does Chef Chique make my now-favorite Beef Salpicao, she also cooks other Pinoy specialties such as Bagnet, a meticulously prepared Ilocano dish that is the tribe's version of Fried Pork Belly. And boy what an incredible version it is! Before Bagnet turns into an unbelievably crunchy delight, it has to be boiled, sun dried, and then deep fried into brown, mouth-watering goodness. I unfortunately wasn't able to take a picture of it but you may check it out at the Pepper and Peppers Facebook Page.

Aside from the foods I've mentioned above, Pepper and Peppers also served other dishes during the Avatar Media-organized food tasting event such as Pumpkin Soup, Caesar's Salad, Seafood Pasta, Baby Back Ribs,  Crispy Fried Steak, and their house specialty, Iberian Chicken. That's what you'll be seeing in the following images.

                              My platter during the food tasting event                                               Pepper and Peppers Goodies

                                                                                                                                Pumpkin Soup

                                                                                                                               Iberian Chicken

                                                                                                                                Seafood Pasta

                                                                                                                                Crispy Fried Steak

Visit Pepper and Peppers at The Site, Jacinto Extension, Davao City. They're open from Sunday-Saturday at 10am up to 10pm. And thanks to Avatar Media for organizing the food tasting event!