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Cello's Doughnuts and Dips in SM City Davao

Craving for something sweet doesn't happen to me everyday. But whenever it does, I find that Cello's Doughnuts and Dips is one of the things on my sweet tooth's list. It has been like that ever since I first got a taste of their varieties from the Sales Street branch, which is actually their pioneering one here in the city.

Now, this Quezon City-born brand has taken their Oreo- and cheese-flavored doughnuts and other favorites to SM City Davao where it is accessible to a much larger, sweet toothed-DavaoeƱo audience. It was silly because I first learned of their SM branch by seeing people in the foodcourt, which is on the 2nd floor, munching over a bunch of mini doughnuts from a very familiar, orange-colored dozen box. I thought to myself,  Cello's has probably branched out here, at SM. Otherwise, they'd have bought those from the Sales Street branch, which is quite far, and brought them all the way to a Quimpo Boulevard foodcourt to finish them off. I didn't think it was possible to bring them all the way from point a to b without emptying the box somewhere in between. And so yes, later on that day, I would find out that Cello's actually IS in SM City Davao already...and situated, ironically so, near the main entrance of the mall. I would've spotted it easily if it weren't for the stairs that was at its opposite.
My Cello's top picks are the Oreo- and cheese-flavoured ones. The Oreo doughnuts for me has just the right amount of sweetness. The surprise that a cheese flavor brings to supposedly-sweet bun is also keeping me constantly hooked to it. But more than their unique flavors, I believe that the consistency of their dough sets them apart from other brands. They also have letter- and number-shaped doughnuts along with the heart and star shapes, which you guys can order for special ocassions. You can form them into names or messages and make your gifts a lot more special and meaningful. You'll need to order them 3 hours in miminun ahead of time to allow them preparation allowance. Some flavors of these specially shaped doughnuts sell for 45Php per piece (cheese, oreo, chocolate, honey glazed, durian, chocnut, double chocolate, choco chip peanut butter, peanut butter, cinnamon crunch) while others, for 50Php (choco oreo, peanut butter oreo, M&M, candy sprinkled).

Okay I'll stop right here before I find myself rushing to get some doughnuts in orange boxes. Lolz. Here are some photos for your sweet eyes...
Honey glazed Cello's doughnuts
Cello's doughnuts at SM City Davao
Cello's dips at their Sales Street branch


Abby said...

Hi, i LOVE Cello's and I was really happy when I found out about this new branch. Although I still would love to visit them at their original branch. I just wanted to ask if this branch is just for take-outs or they have a place for you to eat your donuts there?

admin said...

hi abby... they have a couple of seats at the side of the stairs for customers who'd like to munch then and there ^_^

cheekeegirl said...

Haven't been there though I always pass by the stall. Seems I wanna go there today and try one! thanks for the tempting post