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Ranchero at Abreeza

at the old Ranchero branch
Ranchero has been one of Davao's top destinations for grill and steak for as long as I can remember. I have always loved their old location at Tionko Avenue. Even if the place wasn't air conditioned, it was well ventilated and I couldn't help but enjoy the ambiance that perfectly matched their brand name. It was like being in a refreshingly ancient ranch house somewhere.

Just January of this year, Ranchero moved to a new location in Torres corner Jacinto Extension Street, which I still haven't been to yet. What I have been able to visit is their branch in Abreeza Mall, right at the 3rd floor, along those array of restaurants and coffee shops located "outdoors". And yes..I love their new place!

That feeling of being in a ranch house is still there when you're in Ranchero Abreeza. Only it got more modernized and, well, better ventilated. They did very well with the interior designing. And to stay consistent with their brand, the waiters and waitresses dress in cowboy attires complete with cowboy hats.

inside Ranchero in Abreeza

And the food? Just as good as the place. My favorite is their crispy shrimps. Ranchero's take on this appetizer is quite unique. Its crisp, distinct, funky taste makes you say you've never had shrimps like this before.

Crispy Shrimps | Ranchero
We were up for our main course orders after getting our appetites ready. The Garlic Chicken and Crispy Pata was waiting to be devoured by me and my 2 other friends who haven't eaten anything since 5 hours earlier. The chicken was awesome! Nothing like I've ever tasted in other restaurants. The Crispy Pata was okay. Not the best one I've had, but yummy anyways. Here below you'll see both of 'em...

Garlic Chicken | Ranchero (yummy!)
Crispy Pata | Ranchero (is it just me or does this shot's angle
 make the pork dish look like chicken? LOL!)
There were also some other dishes that I was able to try during a visit to their old branch. We once ordered their Sizzling Sisig which was very unique - it had chicharon as toppings. The crispiness of it very much complimented and neutralized the spicy main ingredient of the pork sisig. 

Ranchero's take on Sizzling Sisig
Their baby back ribs recipe was quite a treat as well! I remember it to be very tender with a bit of a smoky flavor to it that is more than just barbecue-ish. Somehow they manage to put a brand of taste to popular dishes such as this. 

So that is Ranchero! I miss their old Tionko branch terribly! It's a good thing their new place in Abreeza is just as homey and has given Ranchero fans an even classier dining experience. I have never seen their Torres branch but my sister says it's a pretty good place to be in as well. Maybe I should see for myself real soon.


Anciro said...

wow rapsa talaga....nakakagutom

admin said...

hi Anciro. Oo, rapsang rapsa nga talaga sa Ranchero :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

How much are most of their menu items? :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

admin said...

thanks for being here Mystic Nymph. The price of the list of main course items go from around 140 up to 400 something. It really depends on what you prefer but it's somewhere in that range