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Crepelato - Davao's House of Crepe and Gelato

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert which has become popular all over the world. In Davao, one of the places to be when craving for this heavenly delight is Crepelato - House of Crepe and Gelato.

Crepalato's branch at Mayon Street, Davao City
The latter takes pride in their homemade recipes that are both visually and gastronomically pleasing. Whenever I go there, I couldn't resist taking a shot of their array of mouth-watering gelato. And I do not get satisfied with just a single serving of it. I usually go for the unlimited package which is 199Php. This is money very well spent, I tell you! Take a look..
Crepelato's homemade gelato

Aside from gelato and crepe, I have also sampled some other stuff from their menu.

Victorian Spare Ribs. This is one of their house specialty. I like how it is balanced in taste - not too salty, not too barbecue-ish, not too spicy. The tender meat gets my attention more than the taste does.

Pasta con Malunggay. This was rather wierd. For me it wasn't good or bad. It was just..different. The malunggay taste was prominent so if you're a fan of the wonder gulay, then this pasta is for you.

Native chicken adobo with egg. I liked this a lot! I have always been a fan of native chicken and I rarely find the latter in an adobo dish.

Other dishes of Crepelato's that I've tried are the Longanisa Ala Ecijano and Monggolian BBQ. Both were okay. I think I am yet to try their best dishes and I can't wait to be back there yet again to have an enjoyable meal. I am eyeing their Bulalo and their Bulgogi, a Korean dish that was most talked about by my Korean students back when I was teaching English online.

So anyway...back to their crepes and gelato...I have more for your eyes right now...check them out!

Crepelato's array of gelato goodness! You get to taste them for free.
glazed cones
various toppings
this is how a single gelato serving looks like
my favorite mango float gelato!
8 flavors of gelato in a single order. Costs around 300Php.
Every Crepelato trip of mine has been super satisfying. I could never get enough of Italian ice cream and whenever my sweet tooth madness strikes, it's their place that first comes to mind. I love their branch at Mayon Street the most. They also have branches in NCCC Mall of Davao and in Gaisano Mall of Davao.


Faust said...

wtf! they're so f***ing good..yum2

Abby said...

Hi, weird enough, I also ordered Pasta Con Malunggay and Victorian Spareribs when I visited Crepelato for the first time. A return visit is long overdue, but this time maybe I will drop by their new branch at NCCC Mall.

PS: I especially like that you get to taste their gelato before you decide what flavor to have on your crepe. ;)

admin said...

@Faust haha..easy there..go and have unli gelato now..lolz..

@Abby oh yeah? whatta coincidence..
yes, it IS awesome how they let you taste as much as you'd want for FREE


Sooo yummy Crepe float at Gelato, the ice cream is sooo different from other branded ice cream we have in town. Hope to visit Crepelato again one of these days...

admin said...

Korekk ate joyce. let's go there again when my sore throat goes away..LOL!