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La Toscana's Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza

What more can a pizza lover like me be ecstatic about than a buy-1-take-1 pizza deal! La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant currently offers this every 2-5PM and gives Davao a chance to get more of their finest pizzas. Just like how usual buy 1 take 1 pizzas around town go, you'd get two pizzas and pay for the more expensive one. I've already talked about how I love their place in a previous blog post and now they're making me love them even more.

Oh how awesome La Toscana's pizzas are! As soon as it reaches my table I'd practically swallow it whole. LOL! Okay, that was exaggerating...I'd rather savor in every bite I take of it but I want it hot and fresh so I usually eat it quickly. One could easily finish an entire pie and still want some more. It makes me wanna wish it's 2-5PM all day.

Margherita con Pesto | La Toscana

We ordered Margherita con Pesto and Salciccia pizzas and as expected...heavenly! It was my first time having pesto on a pizza. The usual dish that I eat it on is pasta. But this time, for pasta, we ordered Aglio Olio e Peperoncino. This is olive oil and garlic pasta with a great deal of pepper. And boy was it peperoncino-nity all the way! I mean hell, it was hot. But it's the kind of chilli hot goodness that makes you want it more. And when you drink water it makes the spicy flavor intensify! Trust me you'll need soda or, in my case, banana split to get your taste buds back to their default state.

So yeah I can't help but wanna be back at La Toscana again for pizza and pasta. And I'd bet you wanna go there too. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself.

Salsiccia Pizza | La Toscana

Aglio Olio e Peperonico | taken from the official La Toscana website

Banana Split | La Toscana