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Green Coffee: Comfy In and Out

With a coffee shop situated at almost every corner and mall in Davao, one could easily say that this city is in the coffee-shop era. It's not even about the coffee anymore. The things that people do in these cozy shops range from having meetings, dining, socializing, studying(or at least attempting to), launching products, or simply hanging out with friends or a loved one. It just is the place to be nowadays, or so it seems.

The competition is tough for this kind of venture as Davao is filled with coffee shops. It has even become tougher as one prominent brand has had its franchised branch open at the city's newest mall. A recently opened coffee shop in Torres named Green Coffee seems to understand this competition very much as they have built their place like no one else has in town - they air-conditioned both the in and outside of their place keeping 'coffee lovers' comfortable no matter where in the place they're seated.

inside Green Coffee

What I love about coffee shops is being able to have that feel of being away from home yet at the same time being able to bring 'home' with me. I'm not sure if that made any sense at all. Lol! I just love coffee shops that give me that homey feeling even when I know I'm not at my own home. That's what Green Coffee gives me. Good food. Very nice place.

It seems ironic that I'm writing about a coffee shop and I'm not talking about coffee in any part of the post. But, yeah, I can't speak for Green Coffee's main brew yet 'cause the only drinks I had during my visit there was their Mango Passion Fruit smoothie. It was good, that drink..I liked it. Here are a few shots of the food we had...

this Choco Lava goodness was the best part of our night!

And here's how Green Coffee looks like...

 lovely seats

lovely seats

 airconditioned outdoor

Green Coffee. You'll love it in there, I'm pretty sure. There's a lot in their Italian menu that we haven't tried yet. But one thing's for sure...we're going back for the Choco Lava dessert. :) Ciao for now!