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Red Kimono at Abreeza

This is the first time, and probably not the last, that I'd be writing about a resto and not post photos of the food I ate. My excuse? We had to struggle with parking for about 30 minutes. It had been over 7 hours since my last meal and, as you now would be able to guess, I was so so so hungry that picking up chopsticks instead of spoon and fork was all I could do to prevent myself from engaging in a total pig out.

So, Red Kimono, yes...here are some borrowed shots from their Facebook Page..

 inside Red Kimono (we were seated at the far left area while we dined there)

Red Kimono from the outside

It's one of the latest additions to Davao's array of Japanese restaurants. Like many food shops in Abreeza, this one is also originally from Manila.

During that hungry Sunday night, we ordered Ebi Tempura meal, Katusdon, Chicken Teriyaki, Curry Chicken, Miso soup, and Tofu. We were 5 in the group and the bill summed up to about 1,200Php.

The Ebi Tempura meal had 4 pieces of breaded prawns, really big ones! It also had rice and rich, japanese sauce and veggies. Plus, 3 balls of chocolate sumthings, which reminds me of munchkins. What a huge meal it was! The katsudon was in an enormous serving, too. Katsudons are always heavenly for me and this isn't an exception. It cost around 200 pesos, which might have made it less heavenly, but the taste was really good and well worth it. The curry chicken was what I ordered. It was breaded, boneless chicken with rice and curry sauce that is served separately. It was okay for me, not as heavenly as the katsudon and the teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki chicken! I could easily say it was my favorite among all of our orders. It was served in one of those modern Japanese restaurants' rectangle plates that had compartments(the ebi tempura meal was in a similar presentation). Other restaurants have them too sweet, some serve them too salty. This was somewhere in between and the chicken was really tender. Chicken Teriyaki - Red Kimono nailed it! I didn't get a chance to taste the Miso soup and tofu. But judging from my 3-year old nephew's reaction, I think they were both as yummy as they could be. He didn't leave any for me to taste. Lol!

So that was my Red Kimono experience. You may find them at the ground floor of the Abreeza Mall of Davao somewhere after Starbucks (outside area).


Abby said...

Hi, I also had the experience to dine at Red Kimono in Abreeza. I would like to share a link to my blog too, so your readers can read about my experience there.

As for my thoughts on Red Kimono, it was NOT THE BEST Japanese restaurant that I had tried, probably just somewhere along the line of Tokyo Tokyo - good but not excellent. At least, in my opinion. For me, Tsuru, Tadakuma, and Nonki are the best in Davao.

Here is the link to my blog: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2011/05/red-kimono-at-abreeza.html

admin said...

Thank you for your thoughts, Abby. I'm pretty sure many are wondering which Japanese restaurant to pick within Davao. I can't speak for which is best for me though 'cause I've only been to a couple of 'em.
I can only speak for some of the food..the best Yakisoba for me is in Tadakuma..the best Katsudon is that of Yurushi's..and the best California Maki is Sankai's! *my gahd, that makes me crave for Maki..Lol!* Thanks again for droppin by, abby..

p.s. Zakoya used to be my super favorite Japanese restaurant because of the food AND more especially the place..the experience was always outstanding. Now I'm not sure if I'm still very fond of their new setup.. :( miss the old one..

Abby said...

Don't mention it. I actually had been reading your blog for a while now, because I am a foodie too and love to explore many culinary destinations in Davao. Look forward to your blogs in the future!

admin said...

wow that's very nice of you.. :)
read your blog too and I like your tagline - one plate at a time! LOL! very catchy..
and i just noticed too that we have the exact same title for the Red Kimono entry..hahahah!!
i'll link you up now..need more food blogs in my roll..
hope to meet you in one of the Davao Bloggers events (if i haven't yet..)..

Joyce said...

Kat, where's the foods!hahaha!

admin said...

@ate joyce..hahaha! ikillyou te...the explanation is there in the early part of the entry :P nadamihan ang gutom...LOL!