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Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe: Not Your Ordinary Burger

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe. I first heard of this burger house in Juan Luna Street of Davao City from a friend of mine. I was told that they serve the best burger in the city and that it costs less than a hundred pesos. When it comes to food, I don't take anyone's word for anything. I go to the place and see for myself...and that's what I did exactly with Harley Blvd.

I came in there with high expectations and was totally surprised that my friend wasn't kidding about the less-than-a-hundred price. The American owner, who also was the chief cook, welcomed us to the place. He explained that the burgers would take about 20 minutes to cook because he doesn't pre-cook them beforehand. After a little chitchat, we placed our orders and a few minutes later were served with this...and were silent for the next 15 minutes for a couple of reasons..

Harley Boulevard Motor Cafe burgers

Harley's burgers were enormous! And this goes for both size and taste. This is a different kind of experience for me since all the burgers I've tasted has never been this...well..."beefy". When my friend first told me about this, I thought he was exaggerating. And I was wrong. This can easily beat all the popular burger joints that has existed for years. You could just imagine why we were silent for next few minutes. Being first timers, we were all just savoring in the goodness of what we were practically ravening at that time. After Harley's, the rest of the burgers will simple be average. Get there now! And see what I mean.