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My G Café experience: the first of many

Whenever I get inside a coffee shop, there's a couple of things I first look for -  an Internet connection, available charging outlets, a couch. Surprisingly, coffee and food isn't necessarily on that list. This is because I don't just eat and drink but I more importantly try to be as productive as I can be while I'm in there. Plus I also just assume that the food is good in semi-expensive establishments such as coffee shops so..

G Cafe counter

Just recently, I found yet another coffee shop in Davao that suits this very qualification - G Cafe, A coffee shop found in Quimpo Blvd. which, I think, has been open for quite some time now.
 (left) few none-pink seats (right) inside G Cafe, view from the couch

When I first stepped inside, I was greeted not with the scent of fresh coffee, but with a very..VERY nice interior which instantly made me forget if there ever was a fresh scent of coffee in there at all. I was instantly in love with the place. And this is not only because the seats were pink(lol!), or that the place was appropriately lighted, or that there was a couch(a pink one!), or that there was a huge flat screen television for all to enjoy, or that there was Wi-Fi and charging outlets, but because..well..I was in love with what was right before me! Even if, as I have previously mentioned, almost all the seats were pink, there was something with this place that didn't make it entirely girlish. The silver ornaments and grayish wall kind of neutralized the feminine touch given by the seats. There were works of art at certain corners, friendly attendants, nice comfort room, and oh did I mention the couch already?

that pink couch!
For me the place was awesome. I knew I'll be back there sooner than later. I even regretted having dinner before going there because they apparently had so many things on the menu - pasta, rice meals, pica-pica, and yes, of course, you couldn't take the coffee out of that list.

Since I was very full already, all I had was just frozen Mocha coffee, and cheesesticks served later on. They were both fine. Not as wonderful as their place. But I'm excited to try other things on their menu.

We got there early and so we were practically the only ones inside. But after about 45 minutes, people were suddenly coming in and the place was packed. I was surprisingly not distracted from tasks even then. Being on the couch has worked very well for me. All I needed was my headsets and I was living in my own world.
So yeah, that was my first G Cafe experience. The first of many, I'm pretty sure.

G Café is located along Quimpo Blvd (near SM City Davao). They're open from 7:00 AM until 1:00 AM.


Joyce Lamela said...

Yessss! G Cafe is a cozy and relaxing place to unwind or spend good times with friends while sipping their Apple Cider Tea, a very delicious and soothing beverage. Hope to come back there one more time...hehehe..

admin said...

exactly! I wanna know where to buy an entire box of apple cider tea. lol!