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Home Made Pasta - White Puttanesca

My apartment mate loves to cook. And I can't tell you enough how much compatibility we have considering that I very much love to eat. LOL! A few weeks ago, she found the urge to pick up her magic wand, that is, her cooking spoon, and I thought to myself...yeah..pasta time!

She has an incredibly large pasta cookbook stored in her mind that I didn't quite know what kind would be served this time. She cooked two types of pasta, one red, the other white. While the red one was being prepared, we were verbally daydreaming about other kinds of pasta that could possibly be made and she came to the point where she talked about how anchovies would go really well as an ingredient. I remembered we had anchovies in the fridge and her magic wand simply cast a spell on the other half of the pasta noodles and created what I would like to call - white puttanesca pasta. The lady with the magic spoon didn't actually give it that name, but I went to an Italian restaurant last week and found, on their menu, that puttanesca had similar base ingredients. Olive oil, anchovies, capers, pasta = heaven!

The taste of all these ingredients combined together made the incredibly pale pasta the tastiest I've ever had. Don't judge the pasta by its color, as many would usually do. Thanks to the lady with the magic spoon, now I'm obsessed with any pasta that has capers and anchovies! :)

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